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Rich Lo
Australia only has 24 million people and im going to take a guess and say 10 million people are from NRL(Rugby) states. Yet AFL is the 4th most attended sport in the world. Obviously out of the 14 million there will be a few million that does not follow AFL yet its still 4th highest attendance.Why? because thats how how exciting and awesome the game is. I can only imagine how hard it would be to get tickets if we had a population like America(320 million).....

In other words AFL is the best sport created EVER!!

Comment from : Rich Lo

Aashish Nakarmi
Football thats played with hands
Comment from : Aashish Nakarmi

Brodie Kilfoyle
So happy I grew up with this sport and not soccer
Comment from : Brodie Kilfoyle

Michael R.
7:05 lol was that meant to be a distraction, the guy on the right?
Comment from : Michael R.

Killing Taim
Is this not dangerous
Comment from : Killing Taim

From America love this Game..
Comment from : mjstarr23

luke borst
One of my friends finds AFL boring I don't see how
Comment from : luke borst

Shashikant Mitkari
For Australians
most popular winter sport : footy which requires physical toughness.
Most popular summer sport: Cricket. Requires epic patience and mental toughness.

Damn, Australia really produces tough people

Comment from : Shashikant Mitkari

Dario Puig
I like it!
Comment from : Dario Puig

Louisiana 337
is everyone on the pitch expected to be able to kick a goal (try i guess) or is that just one or two people that have that role? is the try biggest scorer usually the biggest "star"?
Comment from : Louisiana 337

Sauce Spicy
what a shite of sport
Comment from : Sauce Spicy

Noz Islam
Looks more like a mass brawl than a sport
Comment from : Noz Islam

Tavish M
As if regular football and soccer didn't cause enough CTE--chronic traumatic encephalopathy (brain damage)..........
Comment from : Tavish M

Australian rules football is the Greatest Game on the Planet🌏
Long live footy!🏉💪🏻

Comment from : Trainco16

Mark Shaggy
I’m Australian & played a bit of AFL when younger.. I actually forgot about that motlop goal at 4:36.... that’s in the top 5 goals of all time I think.
Comment from : Mark Shaggy

Comment from : R G

This video does a good job of making a shit sport look interesting. That's coming from someone born and bred in Melbourne too. Overrated homoerotic game.
Comment from : ozPanzer

Kat Guthrie
you think this is intense you should’ve been at my sister’s texas wedding, all her 6 foot tall sorority girls fighting for that bouquet 💐
Comment from : Kat Guthrie

Mamadou Diallo
Comment from : Mamadou Diallo

Rhys Sim
I can see why so many rugby teams seek out Aussie AFL players for kickers. Those kicks fly far and are brutally accurate.
Comment from : Rhys Sim

Andy lopez
U aussies really are a crazy bunch, love it
Comment from : Andy lopez

Jed Clampett
Apparently the most exciting play is when a man jumps on another man's back. In American sport that would be cheating. They need to change that rule, although I certainly do not see it happening. (Actually you could jump on your own teammates backs in American football. But you can't any more. Too dangerous and kicking field goals would be tougher.)
Comment from : Jed Clampett

Bobby Dickenbags
Damn, these fools are intense. Imagine getting in a fight with one of these dudes and just swinging on em and them eating the punches up. Lol. I would swing 3 times and be like, oh yep, this is an ass whooping coming my way.
Comment from : Bobby Dickenbags

Conor Gilsenan
Such a buetiful sport respect from Ireland 💪🇮🇪 🇦🇺
Comment from : Conor Gilsenan

Justin B
Leo Barry push in the fucking back!!!
Comment from : Justin B

Paul Miazga
Hawthorn 4ever!
Comment from : Paul Miazga

The Cake Is A Lie
I'm Irish. Aussie rules is the dogs bollox!!
Comment from : The Cake Is A Lie

abner deveraux
If your going to tackle him like that you might as well give him a kiss and a reach around
Comment from : abner deveraux

Tillmann Wehausen
lovely video! Thanks heaps for sharing. Football is really fun to watch. :)
Comment from : Tillmann Wehausen

what a shitty sport to watch.
Comment from : Zentimeter

Gabriel -
It looks like a brutal version of gaelic football
Comment from : Gabriel -

Wow i didnt even know this existed
Comment from : GlaZed

this is just entertaining as fuck
Comment from : Golbez

Nes 44
An Aussie player from my San Francisco 49ers brought me here. Punter Mitch Wishnowsky!
Comment from : Nes 44

Nes 44
Throws it, rolls it, goals it!!!! I'm new to Aussie rules football. I'm loving it!!
Comment from : Nes 44

Comment from : Toyota

And NFL players are complaining about helmets.
Comment from : Shakester71

Maggie K
If u are not Aussie then leave
Comment from : Maggie K

Keenan J
I don’t see why you don’t just punt the sucker from 200 meters out.
Comment from : Keenan J

Ridiculous sport, really.
Comment from : ArtemusnH

Just make a 20 minute highlight reel of Eddie Betts! He is the epitome of the skill and ability that makes AFL great!
Comment from : sayvar44

The Rock
So this sport is all about kneeing your opponent in the upper body area and catching a ball ?
Comment from : The Rock

Mackenzie Ball
Rugby..but...only for..backs?🤔
Comment from : Mackenzie Ball

Constable Benton Fraser
Rugby union and aussie rules football kick the shit out of pansy muppet bullshit stop start american garbage boring football
Comment from : Constable Benton Fraser

Adam Stevermer
Just found out about Australian Rules Football. What a sport! Nice job on this video edit, super entertaining!
Comment from : Adam Stevermer

DiTto wipe out
Copy of rugby...bullshit
Comment from : DiTto wipe out

Fender Tremolo
Its way too easy to score
Comment from : Fender Tremolo

Том Том-Том
Нихуя не понял, но очень интересно!
Comment from : Том Том-Том

differences: oval field, no protective gear, all white players
Comment from : hiilikeair

vadermask//mass retaliation
I've never seen this sport before. This shit is sick!!!
Comment from : vadermask//mass retaliation

if you already have rugby why you invented this?
Comment from : textera147

The Cook
So is a bit like quidditch but on foot?
Comment from : The Cook

Never see that here on sports. Just soccer...... 1 and a half hour playtime and score is 0-0....... boring. This is not....its like they brought back the Gladiators of Rome. 😎
Comment from : E L

Mercury Lyon
Mans Using The Song From Transformers 3😂
Comment from : Mercury Lyon

dungeon of dragons
Idiotic sport. Football is best.
Comment from : dungeon of dragons

Tryo Night
This sport is brutal damn
Comment from : Tryo Night

John Snow
As an american who rarely ever gets to see this sport for some reason i love the way they signal the score shit just looks funny
Comment from : John Snow

This game is a fucking mess!
Comment from : rxp56

Delilah Jones
The coriolis force ist the reason why the swirl is clockwise as water in
the Souththern Hemisphere goes down the drain. In the Northern Hemisphere the
swirl is anticlockwise. This is also the reason why our bananas in Australia
are bent to the left. On Wednesday evenings we men in Australia love to destroy
our assholes with bananas which are bent to the left.

Comment from : Delilah Jones

JT 420
These guys look scrawny compared to NFL players. They wouldn't last a day in the NFL. I bet if we played that sport here we'd beat Australia at their own game!
Comment from : JT 420

Well this looks 5 million times better than American Football.
Comment from : SpaceNerds

joshua michael
Shittest game on earth. Knee a friend or foe to catch a ball and it’s all ok MAAAAARK. What a bunch of crap.

No form just pure chaos.

Comment from : joshua michael

Paul Frey
Lol I thought the ref was going to start dancing 5:51
Comment from : Paul Frey

So I'm N.American and only have seen this a few times on tv late at night. I have no idea what is on half the time but I love it lol. So how does scoring work? Its gotta go through the 2 posts but on an angle so it gos behind the 2nds post or what? Why are there 4 posts? I tried googling it but it did not help much.
Comment from : andrewmcross

I grew up with Canadian and American football. In our sport, when there's a desperate scramble for a live ball, we call it a fumble, a big mistake. In Aussie rules, it's most of the game. The most exciting moments of our football, all the time.
Comment from : axadams

Tom tonka
For anyone not from Australia wanting to know how they came up with this game . When the first white settlers came to Australia they were convicts who were usually sent here for the crime of stealing a loaf of bread . The ball represents the stolen loaf of bread and the players represent the starving convicts all fighting over who gets the loaf .
Comment from : Tom tonka

So its like American football but instead of emphasis on throwing theres an emphasis on kicking
Comment from : Deryn

So its quiddich
Comment from : Deryn

No idea whats going on but its not as bad as american football which doesnt even involve foot.
Comment from : pax43

Steven Forman
Thank you. 💕
Comment from : Steven Forman

Depressed Chip
this looks way may fun than normal football (soccer)
Comment from : Depressed Chip

Aussies are living in 2080.
This looks like the sport of the future.

Comment from : SVPhYA 88

I play rugby but I played a few games of AFL and may I say it was pretty fun. That’s the first reason I like it. The second is my boys in PNG are the second best team in the world.
Comment from : Alan

Alita con Arroz
Me encanta como la gente se vuelve loca por un gol, y lo bien que patean los jugadores
Comment from : Alita con Arroz

Daryl Wilson
Dynamic. Like rugby in hi def
Comment from : Daryl Wilson

volksgrenadier 1944
Bei Gott !!...dieser Sport ist wundebar !! .
Comment from : volksgrenadier 1944

Victor Meireles Ziviani
0:28 galo x Maria kkkk ?
Comment from : Victor Meireles Ziviani

modified hustle
This shit looks dangerous! Not for the squeamish at all. UFC with a ball is what this is!
Comment from : modified hustle

The Babblers
I came here to see where Michael Dickson came from. No wonder he is such a bad ass punter in the NFL, these guys can place the ball where ever they want via kicking. That being said, I like the structure of the NFL more than what I see here. The concept of drives and plays allows the buildup of important moments in the NFL, this looks more like soccer or hockey or basketball where the play is continuous. I like baseball and NFL because it isn't constant, so those important moments before snaps/pitches builds up the excitement
Comment from : The Babblers

อรรณพ พัฒน์พินิจ
Fuck aussy
Comment from : อรรณพ พัฒน์พินิจ

Juju Valdez
I feel like this is what football in America should’ve been but someone decided to change shit up lol
Comment from : Juju Valdez

Nicholas Bombardieri
Yeah but who the fuck is that? I'm the only footballer in Australia that plays for every team for free and can play full back, centre half back, in the ruck, on the ball, or centre half forward. Yeah like what the is that about?
Comment from : Nicholas Bombardieri

I ́m spreading peanut butter on Your Mommy ́s booty
Comment from : I ́m spreading peanut butter on Your Mommy ́s booty

I ́m spreading peanut butter on Your Mommy ́s booty
Comment from : I ́m spreading peanut butter on Your Mommy ́s booty

Dumbest shit ive ever seen, so its “exciting” to barely tackle or hit someone. And you just jump in the air and catch a ball. And lastly you simply kick a ball through 3 different up-rights. Can someone tell how this is such an “amazing spectacle”. Its also extremely dis-organized and doesn’t require nearly as much athleticism and natural talent as 90% of the other sports of the world require.
Comment from : Bish

This has to be the most homoerotic activity ever, skimpy outfits and all...
Comment from : AgentQQ8

Kalendas Graecas
Couldn't hear much because of that idiotic obnoxious youtube faux music --- Did I hear someone say "speckie"?
Comment from : Kalendas Graecas

DoitRight man
They got all the events flixstik.com/live-tv-app-setup.php
Comment from : DoitRight man

Stephen Smith
Were man first learnt too fly
Comment from : Stephen Smith

sean dillon
Never forgot that buddy franklin got held to 8 possessions and 0 goals in the 2018 finals
Comment from : sean dillon

Adrian Valenzuela
This shit is hype G
Comment from : Adrian Valenzuela

Double Jerky
Australian Rules Football is the Shin Megami Tensei of contact sports.
Comment from : Double Jerky

Влад Владислав
I'm from Ukraine, today I heard about Australian football for the first time. Decided to see what it is. It looks very strange, unusual.

Comment from : Влад Владислав

Michal Bukvai
Still just "foot" ball played with hands.
Comment from : Michal Bukvai

wolf duke
Comment from : wolf duke

Marcel Williamson
I watched one game last Saturday and I’m instantly hooked looking forward to the next game .these guys are modern day gladiators
Thanks so much for this entertaining Sport
Your cousin from Canada

Comment from : Marcel Williamson

Soleil Endormi
Can someone tell me more about AFL? That looks like very fun and i want to know more about this sport. Unfortunatly i can't play it i'm french. And it's hard to have an AFL ball and field in my country
Comment from : Soleil Endormi

Md Mahim
nice game
Comment from : Md Mahim

Soccer may be the most popular sport but it stands in line behind Australian Rules Football!
Comment from : Jellybeantiger

Easily the greatest team sport on the planet,soccer is third World.
Comment from : Jellybeantiger

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