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Josh Brown
Anybody looking for some big hits in other sports I recommend searching up NHL suicide passes. The name doesn’t do it justice two guys going 30km per hour into each other ones got their head down. Brutal
Comment from : Josh Brown

Me watching this before my under 9’s game getting hyped
Comment from : SWAGGER XAVIER

Ivor Scrotumic
What 'rules'..???
Comment from : Ivor Scrotumic

The AFL is brutal. The NFL is brutal. There are no sissies in either sport. Both leagues are fantastic to watch.
Comment from : indianapatsfan

Don’t you just love the footy?🏉💙
Like or comment if you do👇🏻

Comment from : Trainco16

Lukas Lalor-Ryan
Do u want to commit suicide? Contact the AFL managers.
Comment from : Lukas Lalor-Ryan

Aussie Footy Fan
This music makes it even more hype
Comment from : Aussie Footy Fan

They should wear some protection -not for themselves, but for not injuring others for life!
Comment from : Pandaplutten

ed pratol
This is a natural steroid
Comment from : ed pratol

Deen Mirz
this is unwatchable
Comment from : Deen Mirz

Brock Hoffer
Country filled with old brit criminals.. This is normal..
Comment from : Brock Hoffer

Someone really tried telling me this was harder hitting than the nfl...NFL is a thousand times more violent
Comment from : shrimpboy944

Weird australians
Comment from : Olrushka

Benoito Cazallo
I really like football. :)
Comment from : Benoito Cazallo

Glorifying brain damage. Then again, everyone is a little bit dim down under ^_^
Comment from : RobinMcBeth

pablo vazquez
Neardenthals !!!!!!!
Comment from : pablo vazquez

King Twit
0:27 anyone know who the guy that got hit was
Comment from : King Twit

Randomly Interesting
they should change their approach imo, like they did in rugby, no more high tackles at chest level or higher, attacking people in air is forbidden, free uncontested catch if u do a mark in your own 22 and so many other rules that don't hurt the game but it make it tremendously more safe, american football is also way too brutal especially on the head/neck region, crazy
Comment from : Randomly Interesting

What an "awesome" montage of "hits." Maybe you can follow this up in 20 years with an "awesome" montage of brain damaged men going prematurely senile from CTE.
Comment from : SuperRobertoClemente

ATube YouAre
This is what sport was created for. Real gladiators fighting for their tribe on a sports field instead of with weapons in real life. A sport for men of courage, skill, athleticism.
Comment from : ATube YouAre

Bemused Of Scullin
Cheap shot carnival. Zero actual tackles and every single one the afflicted was blindsided.
Comment from : Bemused Of Scullin

S4 St1cKeR
Holy shit Like really HOLY SHIT
Comment from : S4 St1cKeR

Skulls Ain't Dead
Hopefully these poor bastards won't get early onset dementia or hang themselves in a couple of years. Same thing with boxers, rugby and American football players.
Comment from : Skulls Ain't Dead

Joel Holland
these people stay on the ground like pussys
Comment from : Joel Holland

Liam John
Sorry to sound stupid but I’m from South Africa but i would like to know which is AFL more similar to NFL or Rugby
Comment from : Liam John

Serious smear the queer....
Comment from : cs292

zeb naylor
This looks like the gnarlyest fucking sport 😂
Comment from : zeb naylor

They should call this Concussion ball
Comment from : LeGM

Pierce Thompson
Rugby have bigger hits.
Comment from : Pierce Thompson

For those who don't know, most of these hits are perfectly legal. One of the fundamental rules of the game is to make the ball your sole objective. If you do that, and another player gets cleaned up hard, its play on.
Comment from : BluntAustralian

My god this is a wonderful game!
Comment from : taterchip888

I'm fucking lucky to be an Australian and know this sport, Americans are like NFL is the most physical sport lmfao make them look at this normal entertainment for us aussies. Fellow respect for our aussies
Comment from : Fades

2:02 don't know what happen
Comment from : JackJoy

No Helmets No Pads Americans
Comment from : SIKENIKE NAISAI40 YT

Ch Martin
Not as good as years ago too soft now
Comment from : Ch Martin

This shit is terrifying.. I watch a lot of Ice hockey, and I’ve never seen a sport that’s rougher than that, until I watched a two minute video!
Comment from : AdmiralOddSock

ok you Australians are MAD!!!!! 😂 so... do they just carry out dead bodies periodically?? 😂😂
Comment from : MMaya

Stracchan J
Some of these look like accidental collisions between players going for the ball.
Comment from : Stracchan J

Nevzat Köprübaşı
This is not a sport
Comment from : Nevzat Köprübaşı

trent jenkins
wen people say afl is gay i say yer your right it is gay
Comment from : trent jenkins

fucking terrible music.
Comment from : idavid24

Shannon Owen
whenever an American says nfl is the roughest sport.
Comment from : Shannon Owen

Ceyf 87
Conan. Brought me here
Comment from : Ceyf 87

Philip Shehan
I sent an American friend this video in an email titled "Why the NFL are pussies."
From the email:

Some collisions in Aussie rules. No helmets or padding.

They now have concussion rules where they are not allowed to take the field again on the day if the doctor says they have suffered a concussion.

Note that where Barry Hall of the Sydney Swans punches out his opponent (0:37 in) is not considered to be in the spirit of the game and he got a million weeks suspension. He was not called Big Bad Barry for nothing.

BARRY HALL has admitted he could have killed Brent Staker with a violent blow to the head in round four, 2008.

Nine-and-a-half years after the incident, the pair have come face-to-face for the first time for a television interview.

Asked by Damian Barrett if he had a fear "that you actually could have killed Brent," Hall responded: "Yeah, absolutely (it) could have been worse."

Comment from : Philip Shehan

Amanda Griffin
Ooo! That would hurt
Comment from : Amanda Griffin

Panda From Uranus
Now i see why my Dad always sad “St Kilda Sucks.”
Comment from : Panda From Uranus

Kaleab Tamene
WTF is this soccer is the best, the skillful game in the world. soccer is everywhere and everyone knows
Comment from : Kaleab Tamene

Only stupid people would risk their health to get involved in a sport like this.
Comment from : Arska777999

Stupid music ruins the video, just play the original audio FFS!
Comment from : OldSchoolRasslin

This is ridiculous, everyone is trying to give each other concussions
Comment from : VolCrush

H&R Roofing Services Pty Ltd
Whoever hits Collingwood you suck
Comment from : H&R Roofing Services Pty Ltd

Overkils Jack
AFL is my life, every weekend my dad gets bear I get coke, snacks, family, pladders full of food, kfc, pizza and my dad and I’m all set
Comment from : Overkils Jack

Pavel Abramov
St Kilda hits were the best
Comment from : Pavel Abramov

Sonet Van Der Mewe
Hmmm almost seems like rugby😂sorry Im from South Africa I dont know this sport😂😂But Australia plays rugby too and I onow theyre quite good
Comment from : Sonet Van Der Mewe

brett snedden
I fucking love this mate shared to chaotic vengeance
Comment from : brett snedden

Remi Tincan
0:39 now I know where gaff learnt it from
Comment from : Remi Tincan

Dan Salmon
In this sport, you have two choices, living, and getting destroyed, I choose life
Comment from : Dan Salmon

Vortexx J
Comment from : Vortexx J

Newnes Junction Locomotive And Wagon Works NJLWW
International soccer players would be on life support if they got hit like this, soccer players are almost as bad as Robert De Niro when it comes to acting.
Comment from : Newnes Junction Locomotive And Wagon Works NJLWW

These were examples of legal tackles?
Comment from : Skrivbordslampan

Makaveli chuckling
Sound track wavy AF
Comment from : Makaveli chuckling

Harmichael Kunt one was big
Comment from : MrWolfsack

Rob C
That shit will undoubtedly make you a smarter person
Comment from : Rob C

Real footy
Comment from : Clingston

Harper Dressing
Saints are the king of hard hits
Comment from : Harper Dressing

John Snow
I live in america so i have only seen a few afl games on tv but i really got into it. had to come to YT to learn the basics and rules but i enjoy this better then rugby which is on a bit more iv always been a diehard nfl fan but over the last few years they have really fucked up the game by bending to pressure from pussies who think its to violent (thanx all you pc principals) id really like to see aussie rules become more mainstream here in the states
Comment from : John Snow

Soccer is loved and adored by every nation on Earth (4 billion fans) > AFL only loved by 4 Australian Bogan States (6 million fans)




Soccer is loved by every nation on Earth (4 billion fans) > AFL loved by 4 Australian States (6 million fans)



Ben Bishop
Looks like a very cheap sport to me.
Comment from : Ben Bishop

Competed to Rugby and American football, AFL's hits are more acrobatic.
Comment from : 施宇洋

I ́m spreading peanut butter on Your Mommy ́s booty
Comment from : I ́m spreading peanut butter on Your Mommy ́s booty

Delourn Mitchell
I play rugby and I can’t do this shit
Comment from : Delourn Mitchell

Sneaky Smitty
Such wow
Comment from : Sneaky Smitty

n balaboon
good way to die
Comment from : n balaboon

Christopher Rodríguez
Can someone explain to me the difference between this and rugby? Looks similar
Comment from : Christopher Rodríguez

AllmanBro 74
That was AWESOME!!!
Comment from : AllmanBro 74

Liam Wilders
why put shit music over the clip - you just ruined your own video
Comment from : Liam Wilders

Jordan Partridge
This isn’t surprising cos the Aussies are the hardest cunts going
Comment from : Jordan Partridge

Jabbers Art
american in canberra currently sending this footage to my bro still in america in response to a gridiron post he made on facebook XD going to be interesting to see how he reacts
Comment from : Jabbers Art

Adrian Valenzuela
Dude. The aussies make American football look like child's play. I played 12 years.
Comment from : Adrian Valenzuela

trash squeaker
anyone here support richmond?
Its nice chilling here there are peeps who actually like it and are not nrl dickheads.

Comment from : trash squeaker

Joe Rock
if you're american snd your watching this, dont feel bad about the no pads thing i know these bumps look tough, and they are but we learn how to take these hits growing up. there are certain ways we learn how to cop a bump, most of the time you can predict when its coming and for the ones that ctach u out and knock u senceless... well thats wat being a aussie is all about. suck it up sunshine tomorrows another day
Comment from : Joe Rock

J %
Suprised me...some heavy collisions here !
Comment from : J %

rama banda
2018 never gets old this makes my spine tingle
Comment from : rama banda

Rob M
This shit is fucked lol, like this shit is criminal, straight up head shots and head hunting im surprised mother fuckers havent died. I think i found my new favorite sport lol.
Comment from : Rob M

Hailey Hogan
Some of these are an accident they can't stop going into each on the other but on the other hand the one with sydeny swans and eagles I would understand why there would be a big fight because number 1 punch them and I go for eagles so that really pissed me off
Comment from : Hailey Hogan

this looks like fun...
Comment from : tiarnan

Ya I'm cool playing ultimate frisbee lmao. I just heard of this sport the other day, this makes american football look like childs play.
Comment from : jbvap

Jordan Tupai-Ui
Fucken crazy cunts
Comment from : Jordan Tupai-Ui

TheGaming Preditor
I've done that a billion times in carnivals
Comment from : TheGaming Preditor

jacks smirking revenge
tough aussie bastards
Comment from : jacks smirking revenge

Muse Russell23
This fucking game is barbaric
Comment from : Muse Russell23

ATube YouAre
I played this game for over a decade and it is the most exciting, exhilarating sport ever. It should be called extreme football. The feeling you get during the minutes before you go onto the ground is incredible, knowing that you are going into a real battle. The skill, athleticism and endurance are enormous. Once you retire, you cannot get anything to match it.
Comment from : ATube YouAre

ChillAddiction AKA HungLikeAHorse AKA GOD
Came here from nickmercs
Comment from : ChillAddiction AKA HungLikeAHorse AKA GOD

T.J. Hitchings
Comment from : T.J. Hitchings

Salt Tea
Great version of football
Comment from : Salt Tea

Landon F
That is so fucked lol
Comment from : Landon F

hate you
Wie heißt das lied
Comment from : hate you

TotalG TV
So does the ball even have a purpose in this "sport" or is it just for show? Seems like all the action is during the attempted murder moments.
Comment from : TotalG TV

The Toxic Junglist
I think football's better with the pads. It gives you more variety when greasing somebody. I can only watch a guy sneak up and kick somebody else in the head while they're going for a catch so many times before it gets boring.
Shit, it got boring in less than three minutes.

Comment from : The Toxic Junglist

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