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Sol Taylor
Fuck andrew Gaff
Comment from : Sol Taylor

I mean like it’s tough sport
Comment from : XGISAGODBOI Z

Nathan Willis
Don't fuck with the Western Bulldogs most likley Richmond West Coast and Colligwood cause they will fuken smash your team
Comment from : Nathan Willis

Damien O Callaghan
What set that off?
They only blew the bloody Hooter

Comment from : Damien O Callaghan

C'est quoi ce sport de fillottes ?
Rien qu'au gabarit des joueurs tu comprends que c'est pas crédible ...

Comment from : Carboniksnake

ThePIMOfficialTV 2018
Parang crowzero lang tong laro na to e HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
Comment from : ThePIMOfficialTV 2018

Ty san Hobestar
When they say fight you mean a little hold to the shirt and a little push to the body if you want to see fight type up UFC mark hunt knockouts
Comment from : Ty san Hobestar

Nuck Chorris
Spoiler: there’s no fucking fight.
Comment from : Nuck Chorris

Noah Best
Why don't they just play soccer
Comment from : Noah Best

David TAN
I think gaff is such a villain when he punched brayshaw
Comment from : David TAN

Elizabeth Taylor
Comment from : Elizabeth Taylor

Borderline Alcoholic
Gave up after 8 minutes. Total punches thrown: 1, and that was a sucker punch.
Lots of smiling and pushing. Not really fighting, is it.

Comment from : Borderline Alcoholic

Brilliant idea to have both teams in similar black shirts!
Comment from : Pandaplutten

MadisonThe Bushranger
Jesus Neil needs to tuffen up
Comment from : MadisonThe Bushranger

Lazlo Cieslak
What kind of sport is this?
Comment from : Lazlo Cieslak

Eastern Cape experience on land and sea
This is not fighting. It's pushing and shoving. It's almost like some weird dance. Silly.
Comment from : Eastern Cape experience on land and sea

adrien ansquer
So gay
Comment from : adrien ansquer

Joseli Dias
Meus pais nunca acontece isso não no jogo de futebol velho para você tentar brigar vai ter que passar em cima do cartório do outro a Deus trouxa
Comment from : Joseli Dias

In England we call that pushing and handbags. That's not fighting
Comment from : S.L HILTON

Lucy Playz
They fight like girls, push and hold t-shirts 😂
Comment from : Lucy Playz

I've seen more violence in a woman's football match......Or is shoving and hugging a big thing in Aus?
Comment from : g2macs

See The Bombers FLY UP
I was just chanting Fight Fight Fight
Comment from : See The Bombers FLY UP

david sanders
Woooow. Didn't know there were so many Dudes into Dudes on that side of the world. #Suspect
Comment from : david sanders

Adam Sharp
Pussies against old school fights
Comment from : Adam Sharp

Hugodonatocopa Copa
Comment from : Hugodonatocopa Copa

what kind of fight is this..no throwing punches..just holding the shirts..
Comment from : fffreeak

Richard Knight
This is ridiculous!!! Boys pushing and shoving in anger! They should try rugby! Meet some real men.
Comment from : Richard Knight

joker siwel
What the f@@k have i just watched, how dont they start swinging when tempers boil, great self control!!!
Comment from : joker siwel

Drink Bleach
Bro collingwood are such hypocrites they literally try to wound people up my hitting and pushing so expect it dickheads
Comment from : Drink Bleach

Jindrich Krejza
Was watching this sh* for 4 minutes and fight still nowhere...
Just bunch of hysterical morons pushing each other... 😂😂😂

Comment from : Jindrich Krejza

The Chins
Where is collingwoodvs gws?
Comment from : The Chins

Slade Wilson 1
What kinda sport is this 😂😂😂🤧
Comment from : Slade Wilson 1

Michal Music
This is fighting?
Comment from : Michal Music

Anyone see 14:04 the security trying to break up the fight!
Comment from : Liam

Claudio Martinic
Comment from : Claudio Martinic

This is like a scene from Where's Waldo. Nonstop action all over the place at the same time.
Comment from : furtfurt

Jed Freeman
There is not one punch thrown afl is a pussy game
Comment from : Jed Freeman

Jed Freeman
There is not one punch thrown afl is a pussy game
Comment from : Jed Freeman

Huge Bruh Moment
PUSSY FIGHTS more like it this isn’t fighting this is scrawny blokes crying because another guy touches there jersey
Comment from : Huge Bruh Moment

James Park
ben browns a pussy dog for diving like neymar hahahaha
Comment from : James Park

Would not want to fight mason cox he will duck you up
Comment from : Kebab

Tillmann Wehausen
Football is fun. :)
Comment from : Tillmann Wehausen

Do they know the word and actions called Punching
Comment from : ItzMeStxrmzy

Max Hernan
Now this is afl football haha
Comment from : Max Hernan

Kane Clinton
5:39 best spin move of footy history
Comment from : Kane Clinton

Shmily Gomez
Ese juego es muy peligroso
Comment from : Shmily Gomez

Niall McFerran
Handbags. Not one fight. Idiots
Comment from : Niall McFerran

Caleb Daniel trying to get Majak is the best thing you’ll see all day
Comment from : Ishaan

george slupski
What fights?
Comment from : george slupski

When does the fight start???
Comment from : mrsbradpittiful

Diego Gonzalez
Que deporte es ese? cada vez que meten un gol se cagan a palo, si algún equipo gana por 150 goles se matan
Comment from : Diego Gonzalez

Danny Martin Bazan Vidal
Que estupidez de deporte
Comment from : Danny Martin Bazan Vidal

Buddxd 0
This is how fucked gayfl is
Comment from : Buddxd 0

Ben Goollespie
I feel bad for the umps. There’s nothing that they can do
Comment from : Ben Goollespie

Ben Goollespie
No one:
Seagulls when I drop a chip: 1:02

Comment from : Ben Goollespie

Troll Troll
5:36 lmaoo
Comment from : Troll Troll

the most girly fight in the history of sport ahahah
Comment from : WaapRepeat

Dylan Young
That voice crack at 4:32
Comment from : Dylan Young

Victoria Giansante
jeez carlton and collingwood hate eachother
Comment from : Victoria Giansante

Comment from : GloriBless

I was at the game of the dons v Roos
Comment from : GEORGIO798

N gate
love this football. other than MY CFL game in Canada, I love this game. cheers. watching a game now. prb already played. brisbane and GWS Giants. 25 zip! I don't get all of whats going on, the constant whistle blowing, but I get the goals part.
Comment from : N gate

sam hunt
Can you do a best of 2019 fights
Comment from : sam hunt

We need to find out what material the Aussies use to make them vests, they are indestructible....
Comment from : catpainblackudder01

Graham De Lacey
best afl fights of 2018, 15min video, one punch thrown.... what the actual fuck ?
Comment from : Graham De Lacey

Pip Puanaki
Fkn pussies not 1 fight all pushing and jersey pulling
Comment from : Pip Puanaki

Luke Chapman
Afl players can't fight for shit
Comment from : Luke Chapman

Monster Phone
I wanna see a punch
Comment from : Monster Phone

Reg Taraare
Push push jersey pull chest bump repeat. AFL. LOL
Comment from : Reg Taraare

Freddie Ward
Lol all they do is shove and grab t shirts lol
Comment from : Freddie Ward

Comment from : widiantoro

Gaffs golden fist 👊
Comment from : Silent_xtreme

dartanion 007
Touch my nuts.....NO YOU TOUCH MY NUTS.....NO YOU .....SO SO...SO ....SO ...ON
Comment from : dartanion 007

Leode Siefast
Ya pommy bahstard!
Comment from : Leode Siefast

Hyzel Fadhil
Y r thr no punches? Just pulling and pushing. Legit ques.
Comment from : Hyzel Fadhil

chris pellowe
This is the gayest fighting I've ever seen
Comment from : chris pellowe

Ty san Hobestar
That's not fight that's push and shove which is the weak way to get into a big fight if you want to see fight then go to the UFC but goooooo Collingwood 2019 is all year
Comment from : Ty san Hobestar

holley gilbertson
Im dieing this is pure gold!! how about the umpires though they sound like seagull looking for a chip. XDDD
Comment from : holley gilbertson

adam gould
Did you know that mason cox,s middle name is loves !?!
Comment from : adam gould

Any new videos coming soon??
Comment from : ItzDecky

Jodie Hughes
Continue on the fighting
Comment from : Jodie Hughes

Thomas Lamnio
Never seen such funny fights 😂😂
Comment from : Thomas Lamnio

Juan Fernandez
This is football (''soccer'') would be an immediate RED CARD. How come the ref does nothing about it? wow....such violent people!!!!
Comment from : Juan Fernandez

These ain’t fights , little girls wrestling
Comment from : WSYD HOOLIGAN

Steve Buckland
What’s with all the shoulder barging thats not fighting?
Comment from : Steve Buckland

JCBurns_ Playz
I play afl btw
Comment from : JCBurns_ Playz

JCBurns_ Playz
Some refs in junior afl are trash go the bombers
Comment from : JCBurns_ Playz

Anthony Worsman
Bunch of wankas. Specifically cwood. Fuck heads
Comment from : Anthony Worsman

Nice to see a compilation of group hugging
Cos that's what it looks like

Comment from : TheUrbanSoldier_

Rizky Rachmady
so gay
Comment from : Rizky Rachmady

This ain't fighting, u wanna watch English rugby fights, now that's what I call fighting
Comment from : Tatts38

B.S. Proof
Lol,they're parents must be proud 👍
Comment from : B.S. Proof

Justin Allen
Where’s the fights?
Comment from : Justin Allen

Marko Tek
Why they are so skinny ?
Comment from : Marko Tek

RicardoChavez 1982
Juego de mierda . Pura mierda jajaja
Comment from : RicardoChavez 1982

Hayden Henderson
A lot of passive aggressive shouldering, I saw one punch. Is punching penalized / sanctioned to the highest order?
Comment from : Hayden Henderson

i exspected more ,but it's going back with the "violence". good for the players and for AFLIoIz.
Comment from : rosifers

the game is hard. The fights are much soft. No increase from the game to a "fight with no rules".
Comment from : rosifers

Says fights compilation. All i see is is lots of of pushing and shoving and vest tugging. Womans rugby is more macho than this lol.
Comment from : nuirueu

Ronan D
Fights ? More like rough hugging.bring back Dipper
Comment from : Ronan D

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