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"Sponsored by Dr. Seuss" Lol
Comment from : mythplatypuspwned

le Barredo
"we'll give you the illusion of speed..." 😂
Comment from : le Barredo

Queen B
No ones talking about how the guy said “desire” when Conan asked how to get on a guy’s back
Comment from : Queen B

Ederidge AG
Conan looks more Aussie than some of the players.
Comment from : Ederidge AG

Nicholas Fleming
Man that was back when the Swanys were good
Comment from : Nicholas Fleming

AcemanX Ace Wolf™
at 4:50 when he just hands the ball and says "it's yours" i was loling
Comment from : AcemanX Ace Wolf™

John Rogan
Kicking Parnas head...75 yards!
Comment from : John Rogan

Kai .Isensee
0:09 Assistant TO the regional manager!!!
Comment from : Kai .Isensee

Shawn Kim
it’s afl not football mate, nrl is the Australia football
Comment from : Shawn Kim

Adson Dutra
who's got those hot men instagrams? Oh Lord they're hot aussies =D
Comment from : Adson Dutra

“Put him down Louis”
Comment from : Faye38

Matt Castle
I'd go to a Swans game if Conan was the mascot.
Comment from : Matt Castle

JackoMillard Gaming and Vlogs
1:23 it’s a bin chicken
Comment from : JackoMillard Gaming and Vlogs

Gino V
Damn! Hot!
Comment from : Gino V

Thomas Madden
5:56 well it's good that he has no damage on his face
Comment from : Thomas Madden

Adam Lang
The guys one leg is stronger than Conans entire body,lol!
Comment from : Adam Lang

Kaia Travis
Bruh Will was 20 when this was filmed, hes 21
Comment from : Kaia Travis

Arkaan Ziyad
Poor jordan
Comment from : Arkaan Ziyad

Poor Jordan😅
Comment from : Bettylinda

sunny jimbo
I live near there lol
Comment from : sunny jimbo

So weird to play foot ball with hands.
Comment from : NetAndyCz

11 Tips
Kids and women play this sport Americans are sooks I played sport and we tackle
Comment from : 11 Tips

Lauren B
quick reminder than conan is 6”4 and those guys make him look average
Comment from : Lauren B

I’m Australian
Comment from : ROBLOX Doc

Jodee Rebecca Davey
I Can’t Picture Conan Playing Any Sports of Any Kind
Comment from : Jodee Rebecca Davey

Lee D'Agostino
You’re not supposed to look directly at Conan or you’ll go blind
Comment from : Lee D'Agostino

Sammy Freedom
All those guys made made me think about life for a moment......
Comment from : Sammy Freedom

Homer Less
Do they really wear those shorts? That's like a women volleyball shorts.
Comment from : Homer Less

Mr Swanky Blum
As an Aussie this is still my favourite Conan clip of all time
Comment from : Mr Swanky Blum

no no
wait how did I miss this
Comment from : no no

Nahiri Gathering
5:07 put him down Luis! hahaha
Comment from : Nahiri Gathering

Anton Conde
Jesus H he is white as Colombian cocaine.
Comment from : Anton Conde

Françoise Tallet
These are Australian gods. Damn it.
Comment from : Françoise Tallet

Leila Schafernak-Perez
Lewis and Will... helllloooo
Comment from : Leila Schafernak-Perez

Thats what the swans are all about!
Comment from : anentacatMCPE

Jude Sagad
They should introduce nrl
Comment from : Jude Sagad

Dan Tech Tips
4:54 trying to restrain your child be like:
Comment from : Dan Tech Tips

Dan Tech Tips
also known as Conan-Ball.

A derivative of Australian Rules Football.
When trying to barge past someone, you karate-chop them, fail to inflict pain, and if you are wise, admit that Aussies are way better and stronger than Americans.

Comment from : Dan Tech Tips

Sam Hardeman
Every Australian kid aged 5: 3:45
Comment from : Sam Hardeman

The Ibis at 1:24 just be vibin
Comment from : spud

Gabrielle Fagan
Conan's quite luminous
Comment from : Gabrielle Fagan

Hans Peters
Looks like Mister Burns from the Simpsons
Comment from : Hans Peters

John Luu
Palest guy to enter Australia since James Cook
Comment from : John Luu

I prefer NRL to AFL but you couldn’t have picked a better team.
Comment from : Khonsu

How is it that not a single one of those men are ugly??
Comment from : SassySteph

joshua jenkins
To be honest he actually looks like he could get a game at the Swans
Comment from : joshua jenkins

Brodie Lindrea
Comment from : Brodie Lindrea

r.i.p Commodores
AFL was before NFL
Comment from : r.i.p Commodores

ulysses newell
Cohan is so pale
Comment from : ulysses newell

wobbly nostrils
"Put him down Lewis" Loool 😂
Comment from : wobbly nostrils

He is literally WHITE....
Comment from : ABHINAV SHARMA

Sam Wise
Seeing this as an Aussie makes footy be hittin different
Comment from : Sam Wise

AJ Ward
Aussie Rules is still better than any other sport on this planet. Fight me, because there’s no greater feeling than playing or watching an AFL game
Comment from : AJ Ward

Dacci Pucci
This makes American Football look like soccer.
Comment from : Dacci Pucci

I love how he tries to dribble the ball like a basketball, the way he palms his hand and forces it down 😂😂
Comment from : JD

I've played this it hurts
Comment from : Talha.

Blue Shore Creative
I'm an Aussie, played footy, and this is the first time I have heard an assistant coach (not manager) tell the world "It's a round field." It's not. It's an oval field. We have dumbasses in Australia too.
Comment from : Blue Shore Creative

Karen K
man look at these men I think I am going to switch from conan binge to "footy" binge
Comment from : Karen K

Damn Louis makes Conan looks small... and isn't Conan like 6'4"?
Comment from : 8mmKyle

Pengen sehat
from japan to australia,all in one voice...conan need to work out more 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Pengen sehat

Tom Auvaa
He should try NRL
Comment from : Tom Auvaa

I dont see how people in nikabs will preserv a sport like this...
Comment from : stuckmannen

Mac Youtube
Only prerequisite for the sport : be hot
Comment from : Mac Youtube

Toasted bread
I can imagine Conan kneeing someone in the bavk cause he can’t jump high enough
Comment from : Toasted bread

HugeoT 118
bring back the barrel
Comment from : HugeoT 118

Bruh I get it’s a joke at the start but like AFL was invented by the aboriginals quite a while ago
Comment from : MultimoonJ

Ayu Dayani
This video has taught me.. that I need to be tackled by Lewis 😍
Comment from : Ayu Dayani

MarkyMark Gaming
Anyone else on a conan binge?
Comment from : MarkyMark Gaming

Pierre Cozmybladderisempty
This tryout video is not gonna be convincing, Conan.
Comment from : Pierre Cozmybladderisempty

Marcus Chan
I just love watching footy players. Greatest viewing sport for pervs.
Comment from : Marcus Chan

Sarah Hayman
Comment from : Sarah Hayman

CR7 soccerLegend
5:15 Is that Lance Stewart?
Comment from : CR7 soccerLegend

Wow I did reduce brightness to watch.
Comment from : A N

Hafsa Ali
All those Aussie players were hot ash.
Comment from : Hafsa Ali

catherine powell
Comment from : catherine powell

Aussie football makes American football players look like a bunch of lazy, weak, wimps with too much armor.
Comment from : Donk

Conan looks like a awkward spider in calculus trying to learn sports for the first time.
Comment from : beev2009

Esai Morales
Conan is really springy for his age
Comment from : Esai Morales

Noa Regev
That's the wrong team...
Just saying

Comment from : Noa Regev

He is so pale lol
Comment from : ll NATE DOGG ll

Armando P. Problemas
Add 50lbs of Kevlar and it's "American" football.

Comment from : Armando P. Problemas

God he's pale
Comment from : 鳳凰S.D.

It is not lucas
Britan created rugby not Australia
Comment from : It is not lucas

hedgehog twin
Conans got no blood in him
Comment from : hedgehog twin

I love Jordan
Comment from : VoltageLP

Ludmilla Gutomo
conan looks like an albino compared to those guys..he is SO WHITE 😂😂😂
Comment from : Ludmilla Gutomo

Grammar Nazi
conan is close to 2 freakin metres tall... and he still looks small in this video... imma start eatin vegemite from now on
Comment from : Grammar Nazi

Danny Defeato
He looks like a Flamingo.
Comment from : Danny Defeato

Persephone Pomegranate
Why does Conan look a failed photoshop sometimes?
Comment from : Persephone Pomegranate

Work Out
Oh my lord he is white
Comment from : Work Out

Tony Anthony
Is that Nick Davis
Comment from : Tony Anthony

Sa yan
2:31 The whitest man on Earth.
Comment from : Sa yan

Gagan Joshan
nearly died by laughing, when he said f*** you to airplane
Comment from : Gagan Joshan

Marcho Mailandy
3:07 wow skill
Comment from : Marcho Mailandy

Red L
Not gonna lie conan kinda looks like Freddy krueger with the hat
Comment from : Red L

Scott Webber
It's could AFL the best sport in the world mate
Comment from : Scott Webber

Cus Walkin SneakerHead
Conan is probably the kid that got bullied in 2nd grade to college
Comment from : Cus Walkin SneakerHead

jeric_ synergy
OK, Nick had me LOL'ing with his off the cuff, dry as a desert sarcasm. Most excellent
Comment from : jeric_ synergy

cellissmo cellissmo
5:00-5:07 "BUT. I. DON'T. WANNA. GO. HOOOOOME."
Comment from : cellissmo cellissmo

Bobbah P
Conan got girl legs!
Comment from : Bobbah P

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