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Suzanna Louise
I thought that was a nipple until in listened to what you said 🤣
Comment from : Suzanna Louise

Mayte Chambe
Magnífica intervención.
Comment from : Mayte Chambe

K Smith
I hate all of the meta 7 commerical while watching videos. I would not buy it because of the constant interference of the actual video.
Comment from : K Smith

Kendra VanBurkleo
That's a third eyeball..
Comment from : Kendra VanBurkleo

Teresa DI
Once the numbing is gone. He is going to be hurting.
Comment from : Teresa DI

Ree McLaughlin
I followed the link. Not a fan. Thank you though. Very sweet.
Comment from : Ree McLaughlin

Gayle Sharp
That’s an angry looking cyst!! He’s got to feel better already.
Comment from : Gayle Sharp

Tom Perkins
We all could use a little culture.
Comment from : Tom Perkins

Noreen Ceraulo
why does this doctor always take so long to get the job done
Comment from : Noreen Ceraulo

I like Dr pimple popper she doesn’t pack people not a fan
Comment from : MILAGROS PATXOT

Black Sheep
I love this!
Comment from : Black Sheep

The 1st explosion was great..the 2nd one when the core popped out leaving the hole was even better
Comment from : 10bodog

Don't like watching injections....waste of time.
Comment from : painthorse1012

Pop starts at 7:20
Comment from : mazzab1970

There's a growth on top of that growth!
Comment from : Humanimal

charli brewton
Just shut up ad do it
Comment from : charli brewton

That's the Illuminati Back Bump. 😂
Comment from : JennieRose8

Judith Payne
I dont understand... why wouldn't you remove the sack. So the patient dont have to come back . ?? I hope you anser my question
Comment from : Judith Payne

David G
You need to commence with a larger incision. I’ve performed 100s of these procedures, and that is a beginner’s mistake. If you need some advice, feel free to contact me.
Comment from : David G

Jerzy Kajmowicz
Strawberry yogurt
Comment from : Jerzy Kajmowicz

Queen of Water
Pop happens after 7 minutes
Comment from : Queen of Water

Jack Boyer
That's coming back he hardly got any of the Sac out
Comment from : Jack Boyer

7:14 before you get past anesthesia injections 🙄
Comment from : Jhanson0702

Ronald Becker
Comment from : Ronald Becker

Like giving birth to a mutant fetus 😱🤢
Comment from : XMattingly

Jessica Burkett
Anyone else cringe when he jabs the needle into the already inflamed skin?
Comment from : Jessica Burkett

It would be interesting to see the follow up care on this.
Comment from : 46pink

red apple
That was an alien escaping 👾😂
Comment from : red apple

Philip Webb
I don't mind seeing blood as long as it isn't mine.
Comment from : Philip Webb

eileen ismail
Comment from : eileen ismail

In the state of Corruption
Thank you Speedy!
Comment from : In the state of Corruption

Justin Ratcliff
Pop goes the weasel @ 7:20... Looks like they gave birth to a cauliflower.
Comment from : Justin Ratcliff

Sharron Helms
JUST D.....O...... IT......

Comment from : Sharron Helms

Vette Latrioux
Gummy Jean? Really?
Comment from : Vette Latrioux

carrie joseph
Are these biopsied.
Comment from : carrie joseph

Celo The loot taker
Why did this seem to bleed more than some of the other extractions
Comment from : Celo The loot taker

Elaine Fleming
Enjoyed this Dr . G.
Comment from : Elaine Fleming

Mary Reinert
Comment from : Mary Reinert

He packed that so fast.
Comment from : Jim1971a

Dianne Wilson
Comment from : Dianne Wilson

judith vigorito
Dr. G always does the “ Check for infection etc q-tip dip”. I seldom if ever see it elsewhere. I’d like shorter editing but it is a learning experience. 👍❤️
Comment from : judith vigorito

Cassilina Holmes
Go to 7 minutes for the magic
Comment from : Cassilina Holmes

Always want to pack.
Comment from : Linda DAVIS

That’s a volcano!
Comment from : 1964DB

Lesha Powell
Far too much down time. Better editing!
Comment from : Lesha Powell

Country Union
What part of the body was that placed?
Comment from : Country Union

Ronnie Bishop
Can’t they edit that down some.
Comment from : Ronnie Bishop

Yevette Smith
He was packing so fast I thought he was fast forwarding the vid
Comment from : Yevette Smith

Cynthia Thomas
Comment from : Cynthia Thomas

Mimi Mc
I would most definitely travel to Dr. Gilmore
Comment from : Mimi Mc

I like 3. Then 2, last 1.
Comment from : TheKlowi

Tammy Jackson
I’m here , !! He Is better than Dr Pimple popper on this one!! Grossest 💉 cycst!!
Comment from : Tammy Jackson

Elizabeth Culver Edwards
This is the 2nd video I've watched where the patient had a fluid-filled bump under their skin and then one day it suddenly got infected for no reason. Can't a doctor remove the fluid before it gets to that point?
Comment from : Elizabeth Culver Edwards

Val Marshall
You don't have to dig that deep 😤
Comment from : Val Marshall

Geoffrey Hattersley
Comment from : Geoffrey Hattersley

Kathy Kruse
Just pop it
Comment from : Kathy Kruse

Suzi Rose
Amanda Edwards~TMI!!
Comment from : Suzi Rose

I have to stop watching this because I am so turned on. I am going to make love to my man because I am so wet right now.
Comment from : AMANDA EDWARDS

Dr talks way too much!
Comment from : Seasons

deborah nail
Wow! Great job, Dr Gilmore. ❤️👉🏼💥👈🏼👏🏼
Comment from : deborah nail

Vanya Graham
doc has become my favorite popper. love his manner and the way he uses humor to distract the patients. plus uses excellent skills at getting all the gunk out
Comment from : Vanya Graham

Guido Cardoso Junior
Nó.... Esse bateu na trave ein. Bem na porta do furico!
Comment from : Guido Cardoso Junior

Shashi Kumar
Comment from : Shashi Kumar

George Smith
Are we just gonna ignore the part when doc stuck his finger in that man’s open, bloody cyst?!
Comment from : George Smith

Karen Volpe
The coolest part for me was when Dr Gilmore jumped when it first popped.. 😍
Comment from : Karen Volpe

Purple Keys
Great numbing up Dr G! Poor guy it must’ve been so painful.
Comment from : Purple Keys

Karen Dunn
Now that is one angry hole 😬 am I the only one thinking it kinda looks like a angry butt hole🤔
Comment from : Karen Dunn

Black Skull
IS there a follow up video?
Comment from : Black Skull

Helen Atkinson
what a butcher!
Comment from : Helen Atkinson

I think is great you use hydrogen peroxide I remember one doctors on the show The Doctos, discredited hydrogen peroxide
Comment from : natalie0385

Tina Silvester
He talks to much....
Comment from : Tina Silvester

Ayden Williams 2
This makes me cringe🤢 but in a wearied way
Comment from : Ayden Williams 2

Dr Michael Lowery
I don’t like it when you all run one dr down over another
Comment from : Dr Michael Lowery

misty hhh
I've watched a lot of popping videos and this one is the most disturbing. So much blood!
Comment from : misty hhh

Jason Printz
U know its gonna be a whopper plopper when Dr.Gilmore is a little hesitant!! I want to see it hit the ceiling
Comment from : Jason Printz

j an
I puked
Comment from : j an

j an
Comment from : j an

Why hasn’t he removed the sack before packing ? And if he would have cut the infected tissue first rather then pushing the contents out, he would have had an easier time finding and grabbing the sack wall 🤷🏽‍♀️
Comment from : RavannahCatherineXo

Awesome field block as usual!
Comment from : AvieMare

Betty Spranger
Why didn't you take the sack out? It going to come back!
Comment from : Betty Spranger

Samantha Zeiger
Well that was underwhelming and disappointing. As are most of your videos. Lots of build up and commercials for not much satisfaction
Comment from : Samantha Zeiger

Wizziewife 450
Why pack it doc?? I’m pretty sure you could take the sac out now and be done with the procedure... why does the patient have to come back?? 🧐
Comment from : Wizziewife 450

Have never before heard a dr tell a patient how overwhelmed he was by the size of cyst. That would make me run not walk out of the office
Comment from : montibella

Keith Howard
Comment from : Keith Howard

Mary Jo Hensler
Dr. G. Is so informative. I learn something new every time I watch
His videos.

Comment from : Mary Jo Hensler

Terri Meissner
Thank you Speedy for letting us see this video.
Comment from : Terri Meissner

Terri Meissner
Even though it is still inflamed, it looks better already!
Comment from : Terri Meissner

Vera Hall
Just cut it already!
Comment from : Vera Hall

Liz East
Barely anything even came out, yet the caption on the video claimed it just squirted all over the place 😂
Comment from : Liz East

Nancy Kokocinski
jjuus. hi just pop it
Comment from : Nancy Kokocinski

Donna M
Does numbing until 7:20. Then he pops it.
Comment from : Donna M

Congratulations doctor. You are the first physician in history to make an abscess look like a slice of pizza.
Comment from : TheCoolProfessor

Laura Deegan-Kane
Comment from : Laura Deegan-Kane

Elizabeth madison
Hurry up n pop
Comment from : Elizabeth madison

Jeffrey Arnold
Comment from : Jeffrey Arnold

Is he gonna pop it or play with lol
Comment from : 666Spn

Yashar'els Crown
Love Dr. Gs cysty vids😄
Comment from : Yashar'els Crown

Yashar'els Crown
Are iron pills like metaseven?
Comment from : Yashar'els Crown

D Mo
That was an angry one!!!
Comment from : D Mo

Nichol Smith
He is nothing like dr.lee but ok
Comment from : Nichol Smith

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