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Jack Lawrence
We really should of won this game
Comment from : Jack Lawrence

Sashi Thapa
Comment from : Sashi Thapa

J Castle
These guys make NFL players with their extra heavy duty protective gear and their silly rules such as no roughing the kicker, pass interference, delay of game, unnecessary roughness, look like wuzzes.
Comment from : J Castle

Kosta 2708
Comment from : Kosta 2708

oscar gomez
I don't know wtf is going on but looks interesting
Comment from : oscar gomez

Nathan Willis
As a Western Bulldogs supporter this meant more to me then half my life.
Comment from : Nathan Willis

fienga paul
American football is a sports for pussys next to this.
Comment from : fienga paul

Leo Willee
Dogs forever! 🐕
Comment from : Leo Willee

I hope St Kilda are the next team to break a huge drought.
Comment from : Snowman

Noah Wright
Any one watching from after GWS got smashed by the tigers in 2019 granny
Comment from : Noah Wright

Mecit Ozdemir
I'm sad that the dogs are out the finals of 2019 from gws
Comment from : Mecit Ozdemir

Mecit Ozdemir
Go the doggies
Comment from : Mecit Ozdemir

Jake Beddard
“The dam wall is busted.”

Not even a Bulldogs fan, but that line gives me chills. Perfect. The roar in the background. The celebration. Particularly the way Bruce delivers it. GOAT commentator.

Comment from : Jake Beddard

Renee Kueffer
Comment from : Renee Kueffer

Shannon Rouvray
Who else is here after GWS and Tigers are in the grand final
Comment from : Shannon Rouvray

Isaac Rodgers
0:06 Western Bulldogs vs Western Bulldogs i am not suprised the Bulldogs won
Comment from : Isaac Rodgers

Daniel Mullender
Great years
Comment from : Daniel Mullender

Daniel Mullender
The best game
Comment from : Daniel Mullender

Anshul Dayal
Not a dogs supporter but there's something satisfying about watching this team win the premiership considering where they came from.
Comment from : Anshul Dayal

Bowzer Wowzer
Can lighting strike twice in 2019 7th again is this familiar
Comment from : Bowzer Wowzer

Will the doggies do it again
Comment from : BILLY

Sharky Marky yt
Look at 1:54 there’s a person who’s wearing a Richmond hat 😂😂
Comment from : Sharky Marky yt

Fortnite Is Aids
They didnt do BT's commentary on tom boyds goal
Comment from : Fortnite Is Aids

Dom Caruso
Who's here after Dale Morris retired
Comment from : Dom Caruso

Arman Drokhshan
I went for bulldogs that day
Comment from : Arman Drokhshan

Sandon Schultz
Still gives me chills
Comment from : Sandon Schultz

Don’t understand how people didn’t noticed how good Liam picken was
Always put is body on the line, fearless,skill full and proud of his club. What every footy player should strive to be

Comment from : Rayne

David Anthony
2016 premiers will always be rememberd as PAPER CHAMPIONS
Comment from : David Anthony

Kevin Nhian
Friday night, there was GWS Giants vs Hawthorn on Channel 7 between 7:30pm and 10:30pm. 3 days ago retaken on Mon 12 Aug 2019.
Comment from : Kevin Nhian

Taj Taylor
2019 or above anyone
Comment from : Taj Taylor

Mark Sleet
up yours Oakley
Comment from : Mark Sleet

Dan Houston Fan
2019 anyone?
Comment from : Dan Houston Fan

I a Carlton supporter but I just like to watch random footy games.
Comment from : _Aceaarr

Luke Stubbs
In all honesty, this makes me really sad as a St Kilda supporter. This win indicated that we are now the worst Football side in VFL/AFL history. The Dogs drought has been broken and yet we’re still fighting to break ours and getting nowhere.
Comment from : Luke Stubbs

Tommy Iermano
I know this was 3 years ago but from a north supporter the dogs deserved this they bet west coast in Perth then hawthorn at the g then gws then this incredible
Comment from : Tommy Iermano

gg clan
6:45 legendary
Comment from : gg clan

Mr. Awesome
Can someone explain the rules
Comment from : Mr. Awesome

Bent Ice
Is this rugby?
Comment from : Bent Ice

Tim Lols
greatest grand final ive ever seen
Comment from : Tim Lols

santu sm97
What is sports
Comment from : santu sm97

Henry Feutrill
all the dislikes are sydney fans???
Comment from : Henry Feutrill

The Western Bulldogs are the worst team to ever win the premiership, this premiership will forever be tainted, the NSW teams got robbed
Comment from : Soussy

EV0411 !!!!!
This is how many points
👇 the dogs won by

Comment from : EV0411 !!!!!

Solby Seavery
So beautiful
Comment from : Solby Seavery

Collingwood Toyota AFL Premiers 2010
As Collingwood and Adelaide supporters I will never forget me and dad watching this and both standing up and screaming out yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss when Tom Boyd got that goal sensational 🔴⚪️🔵
Comment from : Collingwood Toyota AFL Premiers 2010

Free kick count
Bulldogs 22
Swans 8

Not saying that is why they won , but pretty one sided umpiring....

Comment from : Ticonderous1

MCR Gaming
Go the bulldogs
Dennis was such a good commentator and a legend player
His voice is so good to listen to

Comment from : MCR Gaming

YTK Silenced
Who’s here after Tom Boyd retired
Comment from : YTK Silenced

Mustafa Zafar
Greenonion mate
Comment from : Mustafa Zafar

This looks way better then American football and this is coming from an American
Comment from : RLMC JUMP MAN

w e e b
this game gives me chills every time i watch it
Comment from : w e e b

Therobloxboard // Creeping lava
The game that caused the Bulldogs to have a billion supporters
Comment from : Therobloxboard // Creeping lava

Julio Sanchez
gracia por subior ezto
Comment from : Julio Sanchez

Harry Quartermaine
Anyone here after Pickens retirement ?😢
Comment from : Harry Quartermaine

Picken from behind, Picken Oh Picken yes Liam Picken nails it and the dam wall has busted. Thank you Liam Picken on a wonderful career.
Comment from : BIGDAZR

Lazarbeam H
Go the dogies
Comment from : Lazarbeam H

AFL Freak
Well done last night it was a doggies win in a 2016 grand final rematch good luck today Essendon against GWS 🖤❤️
Comment from : AFL Freak

AFL Freak
Well done 👍🏻 doggies from a Essendon fan 🖤❤️
Comment from : AFL Freak

Hungry_Wolves_10 Steer
im an eagle supporter
Comment from : Hungry_Wolves_10 Steer

Nicky Tyrrell
After seeing Hannebery get injured and not get a free kick is just unbelievable you can see McLean goes for the ball and Hannebery the person standing up gets injured but umpire says play on no wonder bulldogs won 20-8 everyone was going for bulldogs that day even the umpires 2016 grand final should of gone to the swans
I’m a Collingwood supporter btw

Comment from : Nicky Tyrrell

Lachie Taylor
Still the most rigged Grand Final in history.
Comment from : Lachie Taylor

Ryan Nield
Who remembers when bulldogs were good
Comment from : Ryan Nield

Mia Sawyer
Happiest day of my life. So happy I had the opportunity to see it in person!!
Comment from : Mia Sawyer

Richard Gray
I am new to the AFL i am from the UK someone please explain what the game rules more clearly
Comment from : Richard Gray

Jake The Moose
I love bulldogs and please sub to my channel It's cold Jake O'Dea and it's a cat with green eyes 👀
Comment from : Jake The Moose

Mike G
The gifted grand final. All the umpires must've paid off houses on that - no free kicks in a half of football. Never seen before or since.
Comment from : Mike G

Rahul Yadav
Mr Chris McCormack you need to get Rahul in your team to smash some Training consultant Goals like the doggies did in 2016 Grand Final....
Comment from : Rahul Yadav

Mohammed Bashir
Used to played it back in secondary school
Comment from : Mohammed Bashir

long hoang Le
Comment from : long hoang Le

Slyde Flexxler
This game (footy) just too different i can't get jiggy with this at all
Comment from : Slyde Flexxler

mikazow wavoe
love bulldogs since 2014 from china
Comment from : mikazow wavoe

The Piper Report
What the hell did I just watch? It was like Rugby mixed with futbol mixed with football?
Comment from : The Piper Report

Joe Fitzpatrick
The team that fell apart ...
Comment from : Joe Fitzpatrick

Comment from : CC C

Logan Peissig
Block people?
Comment from : Logan Peissig

Bailey Campbell
BULLDOGS FOR 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Bailey Campbell

KYS DenWizard
0:06 western bulldogs vs western bulldogs
Comment from : KYS DenWizard

Jacob Ramage
Wtf is going on
Comment from : Jacob Ramage

Tal Rotstein
What is a Tower Buster?
Comment from : Tal Rotstein

Eric Blenkush
So I’m an American boy and this looks like the best thing ever
Comment from : Eric Blenkush

Mr Jelly Fish
Go swans ive been going for them for twelve years
Comment from : Mr Jelly Fish

Jorja Novak
looking back at this in 2018 you can tell how much effort they put into this game, how hard they played. The boys deserved the grand final👏🏼
Comment from : Jorja Novak

Henry Cane
I get goosebumps every time I watch his
Comment from : Henry Cane

Mad Max
Free kick bulldogs, umpire should have got the norm smith. Bulldogs can't even make finals since that rigged win
Comment from : Mad Max

Thomas Kinnane
That’s right @FG
Comment from : Thomas Kinnane

Comment from : marty

There have been 4 things footy wise that I've wanted to see. Collingwood win the cup since I follow them. Bulldogs win the cup, because of their drought (and they are my brothers and dad's team), Collingwood vs Bulldogs in the Granny and for Collingwood to win from outside the top 4.

I am happy to see 2 of those and Bulldogs did it from outside the top 4 for their win so I guess that counts for half a point at least.

Comment from : SilentHotdog28

The lonely 1954 cup finally got a friend, what a granny.
Comment from : SilentHotdog28

David Coghlan
30 years plus of effort piss and money ahh yes it was worth it. Go Dogs!
Comment from : David Coghlan

Liam Trott
I love my footy
Comment from : Liam Trott

Looking back on this in 2018, you don’t need an amazing list to win a premiership. You just need belief,a good team bond and a great game plan.
Comment from : MrKangaroos

I’m from the US and I remember seeing this for the first time thinking: is this rugby? It’s not at all what I thought... and then I learned this was football. Unlike ours, it actually makes sense that you call it football. Great sport btw, I’ve been really enjoying it
Comment from : SeanDaNerd

Tbone tv Davis
I can’t bulldogs won the grand final in 2016.
Comment from : Tbone tv Davis

Charlie Reynolds
I always think of Dennis Cometti every time I view this. RIP Smooth Den. He's not dead you know!
Comment from : Charlie Reynolds

Manisha Sinha
dumbest sport!
Comment from : Manisha Sinha

Humzilla 20
Beveridge should of cut his medal into pieces and let the umpires share the medal. They deserved it.
Comment from : Humzilla 20

Sam Morris
this "sport" looks ridiculous.
Comment from : Sam Morris

Comment from : Aaron

I now
Comment from : Joshua MURRAY

Andrew Miles
Comment from : Andrew Miles

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