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Vladimir V.

Comment from : Vladimir V.

Daniel Gertler
As a canadian I'd definitely want to go to a game if I visited Australia, not that I'd have nay idea what was going on.
Comment from : Daniel Gertler

Julianna Glick
As an american, I thought the AFL was just the Australian version of the NFL. Watching this now I realize I was deeply mistaken and I am most definitely the most confused I have ever been
Comment from : Julianna Glick

I definitely understand what's going on in all of these plays.
Comment from : recursor94

Tay's Editz
I'm from America and I'm confused. Hands, feet, and NO helmets? Wow ヽ(。◕o◕。)ノ.
Comment from : Tay's Editz

Carolle Regnard
I like playing football. good vid... Thank you for the video. 💞
Comment from : Carolle Regnard

Annette Dawson
I know dockers should of got in the finals
Comment from : Annette Dawson

party Gamer4321
0:38 its always poor hurley
Comment from : party Gamer4321

Richmond haters at 1:30 : HE THREW THAT!!
well, you are allowed to throw the ball, it you are certain you are gonna kick the ball. He obviously kicked it.

Comment from : OofLPt ROBLOX

Chase Rodgers
Comment from : Chase Rodgers

Bella Bastian
Good game collingwood haha
Comment from : Bella Bastian

Maikon Rodriguez
Onde eu vi para kkkkk isso é o QUE??
Comment from : Maikon Rodriguez

It looks really fun! I hope it comes to US :)
Comment from : andrenyc

There was only one for Essendon bombes really well I’m not gonna argue because I don’t think there was any for the giants but Great vidéo you include almost every great moment in 5mins and 40seconds good job
Comment from : Jemefy

Tait Rennie
How is Collingwood’s only highlight bouncing a ball on a bird....
Comment from : Tait Rennie

Random PC-User
Please, pay attention to the pigeons...
Comment from : Random PC-User

Jye Jeakings
That last one is a crap moment
Comment from : Jye Jeakings

A few years ago l moved from Melbourne to Sydney and many people there didn't understand AFL and said it's crap and called it gayFL, l would defend the legends of the game from the 80s and 90s when the game was great but they made me see something l was blind too, the game really is crap. I still defended the real game but this crap modern game of 50 possessions from end to end kicking sideways and backwards is pathetic, l can't even watch a game now days without being frustrated at how they have ruined a once great game.
Comment from : TheZenith

Crazy Carrots
Motlop a piece of poop

Comment from : Crazy Carrots

The Fat Comrade
There are three pigeons in the middle of the ground he said but there were 4
Comment from : The Fat Comrade

Tammy Maskiell
I just had a disturbing thought. What if you took a screamer and landed on someone's head. With the studs.
Comment from : Tammy Maskiell

Thomas Beech
Aaron Francis? Should have got mark off the year
Comment from : Thomas Beech

Nope Nope
why wasn't Sheeds' goal of the century in here?
Comment from : Nope Nope

Tammy Maskiell
Im an eagles fan but i gotta admit, luke parker did a good goal against us.
Comment from : Tammy Maskiell

Horst Tristan von Wittenbach
I'd like to see Neymar in this sport so badly!... 😂😂😂👍🏼 😭
Comment from : Horst Tristan von Wittenbach

Clone Pickle
“Best moments” shows st kilda missing
Comment from : Clone Pickle

Cam Rayner has missed the goal to win the game 3 times now

Comment from : NWM :

Helen James
Who’s commentating at 0:44
Comment from : Helen James

Matt Dobson
Comment from : Matt Dobson

MagpieMan 22
Buddy Franklin is a beast
Comment from : MagpieMan 22

Jye Jeakings
5:13 umpires game
Comment from : Jye Jeakings

Steve Lanthois
I dislike the McGovern goal after the siren because I'm a port fan
Comment from : Steve Lanthois

ian watts
Hi! AFL, Pls tell Tayla, Ian Watts is very proud of her and of your win and glad I inspired her, just let her know That Gladstone musician in the Gladstone Observer, she will have a smile...Thank you, I'm also glad as a St John Ambulance officer to have looked after ALF player's here for the years I was in it, I had a great Time...👍👍👍💖👌
Comment from : ian watts

AFL Freak
Buddy’s goal was legendary 😌👌🏻
Comment from : AFL Freak

AFL Freak
Where’s Jack Steven’s goal? 🤔
Comment from : AFL Freak

Imma cats supporter but it should be there
Comment from : ranch07

Nth melb vs dogs jack ziebel goal to win game?
Comment from : ranch07

P Spa
They already won it you can't change the future we are in a program.
Comment from : P Spa

Dalong B ao
it's a great sport
Comment from : Dalong B ao

Stephen Cooper
What the hell did I just watch? lmao are these rugby players who couldn't put on enough weight to go pro? Why so many posts? Is this a cricket ground? How are there amateur leagues when there's 50 refs for each game? You're allowed to kick people in the face? I'm confused, scared and more than a little aroused. What is this sport?!

Whatever this is, we need it in the UK for sure!

Comment from : Stephen Cooper

Matilda Lloyd
No Richmond Collingwood preliminary final?
Comment from : Matilda Lloyd

They just had to include the throw of the year 🤣😂
Comment from : ShaunP_GAM3Z

Dicko Squad
Comment from : Dicko Squad

I’m no Collingwood supporter but seeing as they made the grand final , there was a lot of
Best moments against Richmond and Travis Varcoe against west coast first final down the boundary

Comment from : NiceGarry

Harper Dressing
Jack Stevens

Comment from : Harper Dressing

Makayla Rogers
that was a good goal from uncle buddy !
Comment from : Makayla Rogers

MFC 64
"Best moments of the season". Then why isn't it just 10 mins of Neville Jetta spoils and gutsy defensive efforts?
Comment from : MFC 64

Caleb Mercieca
The did not show Jack Stevens goal the showed Tim Meberys miss
Comment from : Caleb Mercieca

Huddo 15
Where's Harry Taylor's big miss
Comment from : Huddo 15

Alexander Ellwood
Buddy Franklin was the best... I got shivers in my spin, legs and everywhere else
Comment from : Alexander Ellwood

kyle alansononononononononononononononononono
Mgovern's was the best
Comment from : kyle alansononononononononononononononononono

Dex Kenny
so glad that josh Jenkins point didn't make the video
Comment from : Dex Kenny

Kai AFL Essendon
I love AFL it is my life
Comment from : Kai AFL Essendon

It’s ya boi koby 1
It’s really impressive
Comment from : It’s ya boi koby 1

Tayla Scott
Go the egals
Comment from : Tayla Scott

Sarcastic Genius
Let's hope Melbourne make the grand final this year, so sick of the theme of the last few years where some interstate team who can't win at the mcg gets belted by a Victorian team, we're due for a close one for a change.
Comment from : Sarcastic Genius

Jessica Crespi
McGovern after the siren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Eagles
Comment from : Jessica Crespi

0 dogs highlights.
Comment from : Exotic01

clapping for Marshall was such an experience
Comment from : little_eskimo_93

The greatest sport in the world is soccer (football to the rest of the world). Every country worships at the altar of soccer. Every country loves soccer!! This game however means nothing outside of Australia.. Soccer is enourmous in every country and is the way of life for BILLIONS of people across the planet. Soccer will be the number 1 sport in Australia before the end of this century, and it will be the number sport in every country before 2500 A. D.

Did anyone else notice that they didn't see anything from freo and not much from north Melbourne
Comment from : Rebekah

Afonso Guimarães
That's why i love this sport
Comment from : Afonso Guimarães

christian flegg
Where's the Collingwood highlights?
Comment from : christian flegg

Chuck Johns
could only run that in 720. wtf is up with that?
Comment from : Chuck Johns

Sue Morris
Did Essendon play this year?
Comment from : Sue Morris

ye for ten dollars
Richmond V Melbourne Grand Final
Comment from : ye for ten dollars

ye for ten dollars
How is majak bumping lewis a highlight?
1. Majak fell over
2. Majak is about 10 years younger

Comment from : ye for ten dollars

Jett Leon
1 Essendon highlight, wow
Comment from : Jett Leon

Ethan Sorrell
I may be a Geelong supporter but where is that Jack Steven goal from mid air
Comment from : Ethan Sorrell

Stupid Stuff
so in a year they finished 3rd, Collingwood's only highlight of the season was Pendles bouncing the ball on a pigeon? oh but that evasion by Luke Hodge the "good bloke" had to make it in right?
Comment from : Stupid Stuff

Jaxon Koop
1:28 WHAT! HOW?
Comment from : Jaxon Koop

Michael Walsh
No bulldogs win against Geelong? I thought that was one of the upsets of the year. Plus it had a kick after the siren
Comment from : Michael Walsh

Michael Glass
No cam rayner and josh walker MOTY?
Comment from : Michael Glass

Michael Ross
Not one highlight of the dees...
Comment from : Michael Ross

There were some great grabs but it all comes down to the umpires
Comment from : CM TC

Jacko Gamer
what a prick scott pendlebury is! what did that bird do to him
Comment from : Jacko Gamer

Benn Witty
who thinks Karma might west coast when they face port at some point next year
Comment from : Benn Witty

Daniel Newman
For a team that finished third our highlight is bouncing the ball off a pigeon...
Comment from : Daniel Newman

As a Geelong supporter , Scott Pendlebury bouncing a ball on a bird is crazy
Comment from : NiceGarry

No matter who you support, It's been a pretty good year hasn't it 👏
Comment from : ThePear

What a season it was...

What was your favourite moment? I'm sure you already know mine.

Comment from : WCE FAN45

where the hell was Josh Thomas's boundary goal!?
What about Jeremy Howes hanger?
And Travis Varcoe smashing into a Richmond player?

Comment from : Spah

Krystal Rose
Comment from : Krystal Rose

only one geelong moment are u kidding
Comment from : MrCourageous

Jack Higgins chuck of the year
Comment from : Some1

Ashton Lyons
lets go eaaaaaaaggggllleeeeeessssssss
Comment from : Ashton Lyons

jenkins after siren winner???
Comment from :

Tank _02
What about Aaron Francis' mark against Port?
Comment from : Tank _02

North v dogs, when a kick in from next to the defensive point post resulted in a goal, all within the last minute to pinch the win didn’t get a mention?
Comment from : Lunch

Danyuule Mok
Hate the eagles
Comment from : Danyuule Mok

J.RO. Official
Love the compilation! What a year!
Comment from : J.RO. Official

Luke Clifo
No Francis mark in Rd 23 v Port? 🤔
Comment from : Luke Clifo

Jess Grover
No mention of showdown 45? Whoever made these vids need to sort this crap out. Just ridiculous. It was awesome seeing Power fans wail after the game at least.
Comment from : Jess Grover

patrick fry
very nice
Comment from : patrick fry

Which were better, The 2 Q-clashes or the 2 Showdowns?
Comment from : Vagear

harry taylor miss after the siern
Comment from : BIGDAZR

Herpes Free Since 03
Yeah ok, only crows highlight is Tex and poholke running into each other, oh and motlop winning the game but no mention of Jenkins winning the game for the crows. seems about right.
Comment from : Herpes Free Since 03

Harley Bennett
AFL always happy to show highlights against Essendon but, when it's actually an Essendon player doing the highlights nah can't have it. Francis deserved to be in this. What a joke AFL 😠
Comment from : Harley Bennett

Jorge Delgado
Comment from : Jorge Delgado

Vassili Kyparisis
Of course they don't show Jack Steven's goal
Comment from : Vassili Kyparisis

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