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kkrispy2009 P
Should get a sponsorship with the chip shop
Comment from : kkrispy2009 P

Georgie1Foot LCFC
Wasn't my fish shop !
Comment from : Georgie1Foot LCFC

Gazza 10
I’m not scared of you and your shit blue van baldy
Comment from : Gazza 10

Hytham Alkhamsa
“It’s so fluffyeh”
Comment from : Hytham Alkhamsa

matt 42000
Great way to start a video
Comment from : matt 42000

david beckett
Fishcake , yeah , but what sort of fish is it ? cod , hake , pollock , or just waste product , you don,t know what your eating Divi !!!!!!!
Comment from : david beckett

Went to uni in loughborough and miss this chippy
Comment from : JSmih7

Dom Hallwood
this made me propa hungry
Comment from : Dom Hallwood

0:31 "he's got a dog on his back without a helmet what the hell is that all about?!" 😂
Comment from : Keane50

sam watkiss
go to frydales lad, there's a new one in sys ton or their original chippy in Braunstone!
Comment from : sam watkiss

Derby George's is wonderful
Comment from : AMANI

shivam seth
What a man you are
Comment from : shivam seth

A Yorkshire fishcake beats that kind of fishcake any day
Comment from : Jvcowl91

Stephen Fleming
Pish cake
Comment from : Stephen Fleming

Scott Young
Why am I watching a sweaty, bald headed, middle aged man sitting in a van, eat a fish cake with a plastic fork out of a cardboard box?
How did I get here 🧐

Comment from : Scott Young

sam brown
BVM you're the people's hero
Comment from : sam brown

Weather's changing: I'm sweating!
Comment from : MrLongshot26

Do you clean your head with soap or shampoo?
Comment from : Simon

Darren Grimmer
Well done on 50k subs. You deserve it sir. And fish cakes...... they remind me of Saturday tea time at my nans back in the day. Lovely
Comment from : Darren Grimmer

Jamie Watts
Try the burger van on riverside in market harborough, it’s the worst ever
Comment from : Jamie Watts

MBGamer 0627
Try Cadbury’s darkmilk
Comment from : MBGamer 0627

MBGamer 0627
If you know where Coalville,Leicestershire is you should got to Ruby’s Fish and Chip shop
Comment from : MBGamer 0627

Do you think he loves fish cake?
Comment from : george

Rich Shackleton
I had pie and chips from here 6 months but gave me the shits
Comment from : Rich Shackleton

irfan ali
Biggest fish cake I’ve seen lol
Comment from : irfan ali

Tommy Ride
Review annies burger shack in Notts/Derby
Comment from : Tommy Ride

Wiltshire Ant
Can you do a review on the general public from your van, shouting how stupid people are, lol.
Comment from : Wiltshire Ant

Comment from : BIGSILVER RIZLA

Andrew Doris
How many orgasms did that give you?
Comment from : Andrew Doris

Jordan A
Why am I watching someone eating a fishcake
Comment from : Jordan A

Rich Nottmforest Marley
Wot a nob
Comment from : Rich Nottmforest Marley

George’s are all over the midlands. My local in derby has THE BEST fish and chips. 😋
Comment from : Potatoes

dave peter
Hey blue van man can you try some Australian foods such as Tim tams or vegemite
Comment from : dave peter

joshua ifill
Your a legend Blue Van Man
Comment from : joshua ifill

chubby clobber
Start adding locations
Comment from : chubby clobber

Lee H
Bet it don’t taste as good as my missus fish cake 😂😉
Comment from : Lee H

sara donnelly
I love fish cakes...
Comment from : sara donnelly

Youngblood H
I live in Nottingham but I’m willing to travel to Loughborough for this shit
Comment from : Youngblood H

The Grimm
i want a bloody fishcake now
Comment from : The Grimm

Dog no helmet 🐕
Comment from : Sam

Comment from : Gary3105

Comment from : Gary3105

Gary L Davies
Back in the Old Skool dayz Fish cakes from our local chippy were more like Savoury cakes as they mainly contained fluffy potato and parsley but hardly any actual fish.
Comment from : Gary L Davies

Mushey peahs
Comment from : user25380

PEApole... XD Love your channel mate! :)
Comment from : BlueSpyUSA

Tim Hamilton
Doodle would bloodeh love those.
Comment from : Tim Hamilton

John Johnson
Well the dog ain't gonna have a helmet is it 😂😂
Comment from : John Johnson

Dan Harrison
Congrats on 50k
Comment from : Dan Harrison

Joe Garner-Wood
George’s is top quality mate got loads in Derby
Comment from : Joe Garner-Wood

Wiley G
My hope is that these videos eventually become so niche that you’re reviewing the taste of the inside of your own mouth
Comment from : Wiley G

Daniel Chapman
Right mate. If you think George’s fish cake is good, you should go to a chip shop in long Eaton (15 min drive from Loughborough) called the “cods scollops” it’s near a George’s in long Eaton and honestly it’s the BEST fish and chip shop you’ll ever go to
Comment from : Daniel Chapman

Been here since 5k and you have gained 45k sooo fast congratulations man
Comment from : ッRiotz

Joey Eats ASMR
I found it your in a car park next to the road opposite Tesco Express
Comment from : Joey Eats ASMR

You sir, are a national treasure! For the visually impaired BVM must be protected at all costs!
Comment from : Josh

Joey Eats ASMR
Where do you put it all lol 😜😂
Comment from : Joey Eats ASMR

The Hoff
Can you review a glass of tap water please? For all of us who are allergic to it... thanks!
Comment from : The Hoff

Emon Vantasa
On three now comment section.

🎵🎵 You fat bastard🎵🎵
🎵🎵 You fat bastard🎵🎵
🎵🎵 You fat bastard🎵🎵

Comment from : Emon Vantasa

dave clarke
A luv a good fish keiyk from luffbrou.. 😂😂😅
Comment from : dave clarke

Adam P
All chip shops should use that cardboard packaging, not that peach coloured polythene crap most use. This has made me hungry.
Comment from : Adam P

angry brit
Reading your comments I want to add my review idea ! Can you review scout girl cookies or some blue cheese 😂
Comment from : angry brit

You have to review peri peri chicken in Loughborough, proper chicken joint
Comment from : FourExtremePickles

angry brit
" I absolutely love FISHCAKES!!! LOVE LOVE FISHCAKES!!! 😂😂 me too mate especially ourlasses 😂
Comment from : angry brit

Liam Jones
Comment from : Liam Jones

Saviour 76
Shit chop peas 😂😂😂😂😂 this guy is ace
Comment from : Saviour 76

Review the new Greggs cajun chicken bake!!!
Comment from : Ancientspleg

honestly best thing that happend to food reviews love them!
Comment from : ozzmisterSynthesizer

Mark Stevenson
You want a proper fishcake get yer arse up to Sheffield & sample the Sheffield fishcake …… Two scollops ( two sliced potatoes ) sandwich a good fiilet of fish battered I guarantee you will not be disappointed, them things you've just eaten are classed as rissoles up ere.
Comment from : Mark Stevenson

Fishcake for you my laaad.
Comment from : Greavesy

James L
My nigga ❤
Comment from : James L

Charlie Walsh
Great vid again mate, love how you work out size in comparison to beer mats and glasses😂
Comment from : Charlie Walsh

Dave, you keep looking around all the time. Are you expecting a bit of bother? You’re not wanted are you? 👮🏻‍♂️🤣
Comment from : Highlander

kkrispy2009 P
Fish Friday yummmmm
Comment from : kkrispy2009 P

Jim Johns
“There’s no need...”
Comment from : Jim Johns

Geoffry Zylus
may i recommend Andie's fish bar down in gresley, south-derbyshire they do a crackin bacon butty.
Comment from : Geoffry Zylus

James Burns
The big 50k, really well done to you. I remember when you were just touching a thousand and you are still the same as back then. I still try and watch when i can. Much love, loviiiiie X
Comment from : James Burns

Jay Paul
this is the quality content we are here for - fishcake reviews
Comment from : Jay Paul

2 things he hates more than anything in the world,closed take aways and dogs on the back of motorbikes
Comment from : fordyfoxman

English food..fish and peas. says a lot
Comment from : Fianna

You should have come on UK Railtours 'The Welsh Dragon' charter excursion train with me from Stevenage and London to Newport and Cardiff on Saturday 18 May. We had Spring Onion and Haddock Fishcake with Curry Sauce on a bed of Egg Rice:
All the other photos from that day can be found here (includes more food!):
Best wishes and take care. Kind regards, Peter Skuce. St Albans. Hertfordshire.

Comment from : Lynxfan2

big beard
I'd love 2 of them with mushy peas and chip in between like a sandwich
Comment from : big beard

Propa Nawty
Bvm for FAKEtaxi Loughborough, all sorts!
Comment from : Propa Nawty

Mark Lee
BVM Loves Fish Cakes they are Bloody Loveleh hope you enjoy your parteh get George to provide the Fish Cakes
Comment from : Mark Lee

Andrew T
"He's got a dog on the back without a helmet on"
Comment from : Andrew T

good evening. I've watched a number of your videos which i find really enjoyable.
I'm, by trade if you like, a cardiologist, and you are displaying (possibly) the symptoms of a heart that is struggling to cope. over sweating and short of breath are a couple of tell tale signs.
i could, and i hope, be wrong however i thought I'd mention it.

Comment from : bbb90

Thirsty pigeon
Blue van man: tHerEs pEaS EveRyWheRe!!
Comment from : Thirsty pigeon

mel grant
I bet bvm is always peckish!
Comment from : mel grant

I Elrick
It looks like s fish cake with The hulks semen
Comment from : I Elrick

the loveable Muslim
Bet he's never tried a fishy fanny...a squeeze of lemon...best thing ever
Comment from : the loveable Muslim

Sean Connor
50k for the Bluevanmanarama
Comment from : Sean Connor

Jonah Jones
Used to love George's on Melton Road, West Bridgford when I was living in Nottingham. BVM, do you ever have mushy peas with mint sauce like some folk in the East Mids do? Never understood it myself.
Comment from : Jonah Jones

Cor Blimey!
Comment from : Hardy

Comment from : puressenceuk35

Lincoln Clay
Blue van man for president of the world!!!!!!!
Comment from : Lincoln Clay

Great vid but let’s not ignore the elephant in the room 🐘

Wooden Fork 😮 No it’s wrong

Up there with the McDonald’s straws

Just wrong

Comment from : Squire

A properly made fishcake is a thing of beauty
Comment from : ashku27

Dusty Scabbard
Korev Cornish lager would be a good review it's from a nice local-ish brewery in St Austell, Fun fact not far from a village named "Ventongimps" hell of a name aye, If you do review korev grab a bottle though not the can :)
Comment from : Dusty Scabbard

That is a good looking fishcake right enough
Comment from : Ecosse

graham graham
Bvm you still haven't reviewed the UK.s hottest chicken wings from Morrisons
Comment from : graham graham

Nik 345
Nice video!
Comment from : Nik 345

Glasgow’s Blue
That looks bloody lovlehh that does
Comment from : Glasgow’s Blue

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